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Every year, TJ. Software is planning a Christmas Party to establishing good client’s relationships, to have fun with them, and show them how our team is integrated, full of power and energy for coding and for partying.

That one night was also a great opportunity to celebrate a year of great work, successes, night hours spent on projects, brainstorming, mutual coding, and problems solveing/ troubleshooting. And last but not least it was also a special day because we were celebrating our sixth year anniversary.

As it was Oscar Ceremony theme dress code was “Movie star”. Red carpet, Casino tables, Magician and of course dancefloor and prize ceremony ! One month before the party, we created a website where clients and team vote for their favorite candidat

But lets get back to how it all began…

It was incredible night. Almost 60 people, team, clients, guests on the red carpet, under the palms, with cameras reporters were waiting for us… After a toast and Toma’s speach, blind test started ! Each person could earn money by giving the correct answer. And it was great opportunity to spend this money on poker game, blackjack, and roulette tables full of watchers and players. Those who didn’t like gambling could spend a great time with illusionist.

Then Finnally « Oscar Ceremonie »

15 categories, 3 nominees in each.

The temperature was higher and higher. Tension were growing in each minute. In one moment eveything will be clear:

  • Client Relation Master :Tomasz Roszko
  • English Language Master : Lukas Malinowski
  • Game Master: Rafal Selewonko
  • Joke Maker: Rafal Kwiatkowski
  • Mister Coffee: Piotr Monko
  • Office Master: Iza Stolarska
  • Omnibus: Rafal Turowicz
  • Progress Master: Marcin Malek
  • Sportsman of the Year: Patryk Kisielewski
  • SysAdmin Master: Leszek Charkiewicz
  • Talented Foreign Developer: Dmitry Ziolkowskiy
  • Hottest woman in TJ.Software: Iza Stolarska
  • Ticket Sprinter: Radek Kiczko
  • TJ.Software Dinosaur: Lukasz Prusiel
  • Workaholic: Rafal Selewonko

Finally it was time to dance, and in one minute all the floor was full of characters from the movies: Cindirella, Top Gun, Charlie Chaplin, Desperado, Black Swan, Star Trek, Mario and Luigi, Lara Croft, Joker, Batman, Pulp Fiction, Addams Family, John Travolta, Pirates, Marty McFly, Holly Golightly.

When the sun rise we said goodbye and in warm relations we left Tryumf Manor House…

We would like to thank our clients and guests. We hope for even better cooperation next year. Also big thanks to our team, it wouldn’t have happened without you.

Thank you FastQuad company for organize so great party for us.

Quotes from our guests:

    “Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    It was an honour
    To be guested by YOU
    Cinderella was bright
    And Tom Cruise – handsome
    We’re gonna remember that night
    As long as exists our sun
    Because we are apart
    To express the sicnere gratitude
    We’re sending the Thank U Card”

    As Simon Sinek said: “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” So I’m saying: “I’ve fallen in love my first day in TJ.Software. And it is a pleasure for me to watch how clients start falling in love too.”

    “I Feel the need, the need for speed”

    “Dance like Travolta, gamble like Clooney, drink like all of us !”

    “Polish vodka always tastes better when drink with polish friends! And I start to have a lot of them ;)”

    “ Best party ever, we wait for party next year! But it will be hard to do better ceremony!”

Thank you

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