Piotr Palkiewicz on Pystok

Mar 29

Piotr Palkiewicz on Pystok


Piotr Palkiewicz, our developer, had a presentation on Pystok (local social network to support python developers) with the topic:

PL/Python – Python in PostgreSQL.

The presentation’s subject was how to, when, and what for writing database scripts. How Python can help us to create stored procedures and how use it for this purpose.
Often times developers write a lot of code in the application but forget that databases allow us more than just storing and displaying information.

Most developers know procedural languages used on database side, but minority of them (especially ORM users) know when and how to use them. What are “triggers”, “materialized views”, and when are they useful in real applications rather than student projects?

Here you can see presentation:

 PL/Python - Python w PostgreSQL.


Thank you Piotr and we are waiting for more 🙂

Thank you Maciek Korsan (Korsan Studio), and Wojtek Łaguna for photos 🙂


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