What is your idea to start Monday morning ?

May 30

What is your idea to start Monday morning ?

Starting Monday morning easily and nicely? Maybe like us ???

Making a barbecue !!!

The sun is shining, and it’s raining too. Best weather to eat together and share information after weekend with sausage and bacon.

Meat has arrived – small movement in the office. All eyes brightened. It’s time to light up the barbecue. Hmmm… small consternation … What are these screws for? Don’t worry – we’ve got a lot of engineers here 🙂

Screw to screw, element to element, ten minutes later the grill is ready for action. Now just only charcoal and the fire is burning.

… first sausage is ready … who wants it???

Thank you team for starting the barbecue season … 🙂


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