Christmas Party 2014

Dec 08

Christmas Party 2014

TJ.Software team and friends met at Lipcowy Ogród Restaurant. As you might have expected, it was an awasome night…

We started at 6PM. The party theme was polish communist era – PRL. B’coz we have an amazing team 🙂 they dressed up for the occasion. Take a look at some of the costumes

We made sure to have full stomacks… and drank a bit of traditional polish “Hot Water”, at the very begining :). The first competition took place just after the meal. The winner received special package with chocolate, vodka and other good stuff from Canada :).
We were guessing names of popular polish songs from the 60’s and the 80’s. We were eating cereal using spoons connected with chains – exactly as seen in a popular Polish movie. We’ve had many more games in the meantime and of course we were dancing a lot.

Amid the celebration we had to pay attention to the ZOMO police who gave tickets if someone hadn’t had enough fun (at least according to their judgement). Participants having good time were rewarded, eg. they got coupons for meat. Some people were familiarized closely with ZOMOs truncheons for showing signs that were illegal under communist government.

We can’t forget about a wonderfull karaoke show that we’ve had 🙂 Our guests from France and UK helped us with english songs… and some of them were brave enough to try singing in polish too…
As you may know the party atmosphere leads to vanishing of the language barrier.

To briefly summarize we can tell that it was a quality time spent with the team without thinking about pending tickets, performance issues and IE8 compatibility. Can’t wait fot the next event… hopefully we won’t need to wait a whole year.

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