Blood, psychosis, plague, possession…

Feb 22

Blood, psychosis, plague, possession…

Blood, psychosis, plague, possession…

Last week TJ.Software organizes a special event to integrate new members of the team and spent that Friday afternoon with colleagues without thinking about testing, deploying, fixing, Scrum ceremonies (are we able to not think about it ?). We went to Logic Room, and then to drink some beer. Take a look at the photos and read a short story about that night.

Wait a minute…

Where are we ???

Darkness. Everywhere. We are fumbling slowly step by step. Touching carefully everything around us. Oh my God, where did that whisper come from ??? We are getting closer to that mysterious voice. It sounds like someone was hoarse. We are really close to the source. We can hear this scary voice more clearly now. What does it say?

‘’You are going to be infected in 60 minutes. You’ve got one hour to find a key and leave this room full of horror, otherwise the disease will be let loose. The clock starts now!’’

Then the small dim light turned on, and we saw … oh no … what is that ??? It’s a ZOMBIE !!! It is not moving because it’s hands and legs are pinned to the bed !!! Aaaaah !!! What’s on it’s face? Without a doubt it’s blood. It has crooked teeth and madness in it’s eyes.

  • Ok, don’t worry, we will find a way out, we just need to find the key. Let’s look around.
  • What is that? What does those four numbers on the wall mean? 8549
  • There is a padlock on this cupboard. Let’s try to open it.

So we opened the cupboard. There was an envelope inside the drawer with instructions what should be done next.

  • Has anybody found anything else?
  • Yes, I’ve got a cipher – let’s figure it out. Oh, this key fits that case.
  • Come on, do it faster, we’re running out of time.
  • Look, there are syringes with disease names. Let’s use those to open that box under the bed.
  • Faster, we’ve only got one minute left !!!
  • I’m trying to open the box
  • 10,9,8,7,6,5 second left…
  • Yeah, I’ve got it. I found the key !!!
  • Let’s open the door !!!
  • Faster !!!


We did it !!! We solved all the puzzles, and we left the EPIDEMIC ROOM.

What a trauma…

What a scary experience

What a great integration party

We won because we were like those puzzles. One element does not mean much, but all the elements put together mean cohesion, cooperation and final result !!!

Thank you team for a great time spent together 🙂

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